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David W
The doctor was great and offered some good advice.
David W
Michael C
Quick response. Great dedication. Really helpful.
Michael C
Heather W
Thank you for the prompt response and helpful advice!
Heather W
Gill H
The call came within the hour so that was great.
Gill H
Karin H
The doctor was fantastic. A really great service, particularly between Christmas and New Year!
Karin H
Charles D
Amazing experience with Bluezone tonight thank you.
Charles D
Ann F
Brilliant service.
Ann F
Cora S
The doctor I spoke to was amazing.
Cora S
Lucy N
The doctor was thorough and fantastic.
Lucy N
Heather W
Thank you very much for the call and for getting back to me so quickly!
Heather W
Julia O
It is a fantastic service!! Thankyou.
Julia O
Michele G
The doctor was  absolutely wonderful. Her combination of competence and charm is amazing. We are so grateful!!
Michele G

Contact a hospital specialist now

Face-to-face appointments : £200
Additional charges apply for investigations and treatment

Request a call-back to book a consultation

Book an

Call 0333 880 4550 to book a consultation

Additional charges apply for tests & treatment

Face-to-face appointments 8am-8pm (Mon-Fri) & 8am-2pm (Sat)
at HCA Diagnostics & Outpatient Centre, Chiswick, West London

Click here for full details of our charges and what we cover

Why Bluezone Health

One stop, immediate diagnosis and treatment from top hospital doctors

  • When you or your child are unwell or injured
  • When you need care that GP’s can’t provide
  • When you need blood tests, X-rays, CTs, MRIs
  • When you don’t want to wait in A&E
  • When you want to be cared for in person, straight-away, by the best doctors
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£100 for unlimited access

What we cover

Our specialists manage medical and surgical emergencies on a daily basis, so whatever the problem, they’ll investigate it thoroughly and treat it expertly.

We treat any problem that you want sorted quickly:

  • Injuries, cuts, burns and broken bones.
  • Infections, rashes, migraines and fevers.
  • Chest pain, palpitations, gut, liver and kidney problems.
  • Advice on test results or referrals to other specialists.

Why we’re different

All our doctors are Consultants who specialise in Emergency Medicine and work in some of the busiest NHS Emergency Departments in the UK.

So whatever’s wrong with you or your children, no matter how serious, you’re in safe hands.

Meet some of our doctors here.

How it works

1. You contact us – online, by phone or video
2. We take your details and check your problem is suitable for our service
3. We book you an appointment at our Immediate Care Centre
4. We examine you, organise tests and treat
5. If needed, we arrange follow up with your GP or specialist

Our Immediate Care Centre

Our first Immediate Care Centre is now open at HCA’s Medical Centre in Chiswick. It provides a calm and reassuring environment with dedicated, separate facilities for children. Click here to find out more.

We can examine you, undertake tests, diagnose what’s wrong and start treatment straight-away:

  • Full examination, monitoring and assessment
  • Blood tests and ECGs
  • X-Rays, Ultrasound, CT and MRI
  • Suturing wounds and fixing broken bones

We’ll be opening additional Centres in London over the next few months.

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