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Bluezone Health is the only private Accident & Emergency and Immediate Care service in the UK that allows members with acute illnesses or injuries to get immediate treatment directly from a hospital consultant with specialist training in Emergency Medicine.

You can contact us about any medical concern or issue although if your condition is life, limb or eyesight threatening, we will arrange for you to be seen at an NHS Emergency Dept immediately.

Apart from that, we can handle any problem – accidents, emergencies, minor illnesses, day-to-day health problems or just advice. All our specialists are Consultants in Emergency Medicine so whatever the problem, they’ll investigate it thoroughly and treat it properly.

We can see patients from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays from 8am to midday. You can use the app outside these hours, but you won’t get a reply until the morning.

You can contact us from anywhere in the world. If you are outside the UK, we cannot give you specific medical advice but we may be able to help you locate the most appropriate services.

Membership is available on a single, joint or family basis. You can take out membership for children under 16 years, but they cannot use the service themselves. The account holder needs to contact us on their behalf.

We cannot provide specific medical advice about other people in the household unless in an emergency where there are concerns about a patient’s immediate health and well-being.

No, you can contact us directly using our app or via this website.

We can make referrals to other specialists when needed, and these will usually be recognised by your Private Medical Insurance (PMI) policy. If you are a Bluezone member, any hospital bills associated with your Bluezone consultation should also be covered by your PMI policy.

We aim to reply to first contacts within 5 minutes, and subsequent messages within 10 minutes. You will receive an email as well as an “in-app” notification as soon as a consultant replies to you.

If you don’t get a reply and you think your condition needs immediate attention, call 999 or go straight to an NHS Emergency Department.

Otherwise, first check your app, and even reboot it if needed to check it hasn’t frozen. If there’s still no reply, send an email to and we will call you back.

Your call will be answered by whichever specialist is on duty. If their shift ends, they may choose to keep your consultation assigned to them, so that they can complete your care themself. Otherwise they will hand it on to a colleague for ongoing management.

We do not issue prescriptions online.

Yes. We can make a referral and help you organise arrangements either online or after a face-to-face assessment. If your condition is more serious and you need immediate admission to hospital, we can arrange that as well.

You will have to make arrangements for paying any associated hospital or consultant bills relating to your referral or admission.

If you need admission, we will refer you to another specialist who will be responsible for your care. This is not covered by Bluezone. You have the choice as to which specialist and hospital to use, although we may make suggestions based on your clinical condition.

You will have to make arrangements for paying any associated hospital or consultant bills relating to your referral or admission.

You don’t need a GP to use Bluezone or to be referred for other specialist care. However, as a general rule, everyone should be registered with an NHS or Private GP so that one person keeps oversight of all your medical issues and can coordinate your care over long periods of time.

Online access is covered by your subscription and can be used as often as you wish.

Face to face consultations at a hospital may be covered in whole or in part by your subscription (check your details).

The hospital will bill you for investigations, tests, imaging, treatments, prescriptions or appliances. These can usually be claimed back from your Private Medical Insurance (PMI) provider, but you must check beforehand. You will be asked how you will pay these bills when you register on the app.

No. GPs are not hospital specialists. All our doctors are Consultants in Emergency Medicine and, when not working for Bluezone, manage busy NHS Emergency Departments. So they’re used to handling all types of conditions, including people with serious illnesses and injuries.

GPs don’t have immediate on-site access to the diagnostic equipment that we use (blood tests, X-Rays, CT, MRI etc). Neither will they usually put up drips, give intravenous drugs, fix broken bones, sew up wounds or manage acutely unwell people. We can do everything that GPs do when treating acute illnesses and injuries, but a lot more as well.

Online GPs are even more restricted because they cannot examine you or run tests on the spot. We’ve designed Bluezone to be fully integrated so that you have the convenience of online access with the security of comprehensive, immediate face-to-face investigation and treatment by consultants at the best private hospitals.

With Bluezone, you will be managed from beginning to end by Hospital Consultants in Emergency Medicine.

If you go to an NHS or Private Urgent Care Centres, you’ll be seen by a GP or nurse. Sometimes the doctors will have worked in Emergency Departments whilst being trained, but we don’t believe that its equivalent to being a Fellow of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine and accredited by the General Medical Council as a Specialist in that area of medicine.

If you attend an NHS A&E Department, you’ll usually have a long wait and you’ll usually be seen by a junior doctor being trained in Emergency Medicine, rather than a Consultant.

You can use Bluezone for any immediate health concern or problem. All our doctors are Consultants in Emergency Medicine so whatever’s wrong with you or your children, no matter how serious, you’re in safe hands. But as well as emergencies they can handle any immediate health issue such as:

  • Injuries, cuts, burns and broken bones.
  • Infections, rashes, migraines and fevers.
  • Chest pain, palpitations, gut, liver and kidney problems.
  • Advice on test results or referrals to other specialists.

Your GP is responsible for coordinating your long-term health. They are responsible for managing long-standing conditions (eg: asthma, heart disease, diabetes etc) and your child’s health and development. They provide a lot of routine maternity care and longer term mental health care. Although GPs perform a vital role, many of them have very limited access to tests and investigations and rarely have the facilities to provide anything except the most basic treatment.

We ask you to rate every consultation on the app using a 1-5 star rating as well as whether or not you’d recommend the service to a friend or family member.

If you are not happy and wish to discuss further or even make a complaint, please send an email to and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you wish to report a concern to the healthcare regulator, please contact the Care Quality Commission (CQC) here.

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