How it works

  • Priority direct access to hospital specialists online and face-to-face.
  • Avoid having to travel to A&E if your problem does not need it.
  • Arrange a convenient time, as quickly as needed, when you need to be seen.

Online or face-to-face

Avoid the hassle of travelling to see a doctor unless you really need to. Request a consultation via our app, phone or online form. We reply directly within minutes. Choose discreet instant messaging, voice or video to continue.

Rapid tests and treatment

When needed, we’ll see you at one of our beautiful, calm and safe Immediate Care Centres. An Emergency Medicine Consultant will order bloods, ECGs, X-Rays, CT and MRI scans and any other tests as needed, review the results and start treatment without delay.

Follow-up and notes

Once we’ve made a diagnosis and treated any immediate problems, we’ll arrange follow-up. We may do that ourselves, refer you back to your GP or arrange for you to be seen by another specialist.

And if you can’t remember any details of your diagnosis or treatment, it’s on the app.