How we’re different

Immediate, specialist face-to-face healthcare from top hospital specialists. No GP referral needed.

When you’re ill or injured, what are the options? You can call NHS111, visit your GP or an Urgent Care Centre, or attend A&E. But the process is slow and inefficient.

  • NHS111 is run by lay operators using computer algorithms to assess your condition.
  • It can take days to see an NHS GP and even private GPs lack most of the equipment needed to investigate and treat many problems on-site.
  • Online GPs can’t examine or investigate you at all.
  • Private Urgent Care Centres are also run by GPs or Doctors in training and strictly limit the types of conditions that they can handle.
  • Referrals to specialists can take days or weeks to organise.

You can try A&E, but waiting times are soaring and you’re unlikely to see a consultant unless your condition is critical. And if you want to see a specialist, you need a GP referral first.

Bluezone is unique

It provides its members and their families with the best care and advice, right away, from a hospital specialist, without needing a GP referral.

Our ability to see you promptly, face-to-face, for investigations and treatment means that you get the best healthcare possible.

  • Rapid, direct access to top specialists.
  • Immediate access to diagnostic tests at the best private hospitals when needed.
  • On the spot treatment and stabilisation of your condition.
  • The best follow-up care.

Avoid repeated visits to different clinics for assessments, tests, diagnoses and treatment. Bluezone Health provides it all, in one go, whenever you need us.